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Pairing(s): Adam/Tommy (explicit, main), Tommy/others (implicit), past Brad/Adam (implicit) [highlight to read, may contain spoilers] Tommy/Terrance/Taylor (explicit), Tommy/Kris (explicit)

Rating: NC-17

Warnings: uncensored language, lots of glitter, gay pornography in its many permutations [highlight to read, my contain spoilers] threesome, masturbation, slight dub-con (due to the fact that these people are being paid to have sex and do not necessarily choose their partners) 

Summary: Recent theatre grad Adam Lambert needs money to pay off his student loans pronto or he might as well go live under a tree in Central Park. A friend comes through for him with a job offer and all seems perfect; the work hours don't interfere with Adam's rehearsal times, and he needs no special qualifications. Only... he never imagined himself working as a fluffer in a gay porn studio.

Chapter 1                                                  Chapter 2

Part I 
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Now also available on AO3.

safe for work art ;)
WARNING NOT SAFE FOR WORK (but all the more pretty for it) So if you're at home with no one lurking over your shoulder who shouldn't see this, please go check out the ART MASTER POST (including an awesome fanmix) !!! glambini has been a real trouper, it was wonderful to work with her on this! Go tell her how great she did! <3 Obviously, since I am using her art in my story, the same NSFW warning applies for the fic posts. ;)

Notes: Special thanks go to my beta colesherry  for proofreading this even though she's not part of the fandom! (I'm still trying to convert her. Wish me luck!) And of course I must thank watery_weasel   for her plot bunny! This fic got started as part of the lambliffbigbang challenge, for which I have so, so much love! <3

This is a WIP. I'll be writing&posting more! *glittery kisses*

Disclaimer: I own the order of the words in this work of fiction. Nothing else.